10 Movie Villains You Didn't Realise Actually Won

1. Raoul Silva - Skyfall

Skyfall Raoul Silva

A man with hair as insane as he is (maybe slightly more so), Raoul Silva was Bond's most recent nemesis in 2012's critically acclaimed Skyfall. Played with a real theatricality by Javier Bardem, you never knew what the guy was going to do next. He was one step ahead of everyone right until the end and even succeeded in completely destroying 007's childhood home.

His ultimate goal in the movie was to assassinate the head of MI6, Judi Dench's M. It is explained that she denied his affiliation to the agency after he was captured whilst on a mission for them leading to him suffering traumatic facial injuries from an out of date cyanide capsule. That's good enough motivation for some revenge if you ask me. Throughout the film we are lead through a series of typically outlandish set pieces and intrigue until we reach the gripping conclusion in a small chapel in Scotland. After a brief standoff, Bond kills Silva with a knife but not before the flamboyant psychopath has completed his objective.

Once again, 007 fails to protect an important woman in his life, allowing the villain to succeed. Yes, Silva dies but he got the revenge he craved. Aside from planning this he was just wantonly committing acts of terrorism with no real rhyme or reason. If anything Bond did him a favour by killing him, allowing the guy to go to his grave victorious.

What do you think of these choices? Do you have some that we've missed out? Head to the comments and have your say.

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