10 Movies From 2017 That Really Shouldn’t Have Been Boring

9. Jigsaw

Jigsaw Corn Silo

Now, few were actually expecting the eighth Saw movie to be genuinely good, but the marketing nevertheless suggested a somewhat self-aware romp that could be fun for some knowing laughs and brutal gore.

Sadly, Jigsaw is a good deal more cynical and, yes, boring, than the advertising suggested, lazily rehashing several of the series' key plot twists and failing to conjure up much in the way of dementedly enjoyable new traps.

Worst of all, though, is the disappointingly restrained gore. In a presumed attempt to shed the series' torture porn reputation and appeal to a broader audience, there's little in the way of the over-the-top blood-letting fans expect, and it all ends up feeling stunningly tame.

Still, it's made almost $100 million at the box office against a mere $10 million budget, so another soporific sequel will no doubt be in cinemas by next October. Yawn.


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