10 Movies It Was Impossible To Dislike

We officially declare that it’s impossible to hate these movies. Unless you do, of course, in which case… what’s wrong with you?

Beth Kirkbride



Ever since cinemas began to establish themselves in the early Twentieth Century, movies have been subjected to a whole host of criticisms; I bet you could probably reel off 10 Movies You Absolutely Loathed without thinking too much about it. It’s very easy to think about films that you disliked because they “weren’t as good as the book” (or, in the instance of the Twilight Saga, should never have been published in the first place). Maybe you simply didn’t visualise *insert actor* as *insert character*. But this criticism is inevitable and movie producers know that. There’s always going to be somebody somewhere who thought that the Big Kiss Scene was contrived, thought the wardrobe choices were poor, or spots technical inaccuracies in a film that everybody else adores.

You’d be hard pressed to get a lover of romantic comedies to agree with someone who prefers horror films about what makes a movie “likeable,” but that’s going to be exactly my intention, regardless. In the list below, then, I’ve compiled 10 movies that I think managed to provoke tears, laughter and/or cinematic appreciation from the masses upon their release. I’m hoping that you won’t disagree with me, but in the unlikely event that you do anyway, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below…