10 Movies In 2017 That Should Have Flopped (But Didn't)

9. Rings

Rings 2017

Box Office: $83.1 million

Though the long-delayed "rebootquel" to the American The Ring franchise grossed substantially less than either of the prior movies in the series (which netted $249.3 million and $161.5 million respectively), Rings still effortlessly tripled its $25 million budget and then some.

Considering that the two previous films cost twice as much as Rings, it's not a bad haul at all, and certainly enough for Paramount to churn out a quick sequel if they so wish.

Though horror films are one of cinema's surest financial bets, Rings arriving more than a decade after the previous film could so easily have set it up for financial failure. That's without even mentioning the numerous production delays or the weirdly low-key marketing campaign.

However, thanks to a modest budget and marketing that apparently caught the eye of a new generation, the film performed better than just about anyone expected.


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