10 Movies It's OK For Men To Cry At

Have you ever been sitting next to a girlfriend and they've been blubbing away at a film while you've sat there completely stone-faced? The likelihood is, unless you've got a complete heart of stone, it's something manipulative or overly earnest like Titanic or The Notebook, but every so often, a film comes along that, in our society in which men aren't supposed to show overt emotion, can break even the toughest man and leave him as nothing more than a gibbering, tearful wreck. These are films that, for whatever reason - whether because they're more "manly" films, or because their emotion is simply so wonderfully honest - will have all of us grabbing our inner-child and hugging them, holding on for dear life. Here are 10 movies that it's OK for men to cry at.

10. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75M1XXEZciU The first of several Steven Spielberg films to make it into this list, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is a children's classic that most of us grew up with, telling the touching story of a young boy, Elliot, who meets a peculiar alien, and the two spark up an uneasy, often hilarious, and ultimately very moving friendship. While the adults are busy misunderstanding E.T. or wanting to experiment upon him, it's Elliot's curiosity to interact with E.T., like a strange twist on the boy-and-his-dog tale that make this film simultaneously thoroughly compelling and extremely heartfelt. In the film's desperate final dash to get E.T. home while evading the authorities, it all kicks off; firstly, we briefly think that E.T. is dead, which is enough to set off most men, hearkening back to their childhood memories of the film, no doubt, but it's a veritable deluge by the time the goodbye finale arrives. E.T.'s heart glows, he tells Elliot, "I'll be right here", pointing to Elliot's head, before he departs in his spaceship and all that can he heard is the sound of sobbing.
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