10 Movies It's OK For Men To Cry At

1. Toy Story 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grSg8cd8v-Q And yet nothing on this list does quite as much to the male gender as Toy Story 3, another marvel from Pixar that touches on our inner-child in such perfectly calculated ways that newspapers began to dub it as "The film that's making grown men cry" prior to release. It all begins with an opening home video montage that depicts Andy playing with the toys, a sure reminder of all of our childhoods, a more innocent time no doubt. Things calm down for a bit until the terrifying incinerator sequence near the end of the film, when it actually seemed like Woody and co. were going to be melted thanks to Lotso. The choker comes when the toys decide to hold hands and go out together once they realise that fleeing is futile; it's a terrifying, emotional moment that makes you forget for a moment that it's aimed at children and nobody would dare traumatise them so badly. It didn't stop me not-so-quietly freaking out in the corner of the cinema when I saw it. And then there's that perfect, wonderful ending when Andy decides, as he should, to give the toys away to Bonnie, a kind girl who lives down the street. The scene reinforces the joy of play, and also re-enforces the bond that Andy shares with the toys, telling them, "Thanks guys". Woody sits up and says, "So long partner", which even if you've managed to hold out this long will pretty much send any human being over the edge. What other films do you feel it's OK for men to cry at? Let us know in the comments below.
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