10 Movies That Completely Wasted Awesome Twists

10. Earth Is Now Overrun By Apes -€“ Planet Of The Apes (2001)

20th Century Fox

The ending of Pierre Boulle€™s Planet Of The Apes has the astronaut stranded on a planet where intelligent simians rule over humans escape his captors and pilot his way back to Earth, only to discover that his world too has become overrun my those damned dirty things (there€™s also a bookend narrative about chimps in space finding a message in a bottle, but that€™s one for another article).

If that sounds familiar, it may be because that€™s pretty much the end of the 2001 remake of the 1968 classic. That€™s right €“ Tim Burton€™s shoddy remake is, at least for one scene, actually more faithful than the iconic Statue of Liberty one from the original. It€™s a great twist too €“ nothing as gut-punching as finding out you've been walking over the graves of everyone you ever knew, but still a haunting conclusion on man's inevitable destruction.

Of course, Burton didn€™t stop at lifting from the book €“ he also insinuated that the film€™s villain, Tim Roth€™s General Thade, was the instigator of the ape uprising, despite being from a totally different planet and having no way to beat Mark Wahlberg to Earth and already my head€™s hurting again. Take out Ape Lincoln though, and this could have been something alright.


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