10 Movies That Had No Chance Of Living Up To The Hype

10. Quantum Of Solace

Eon Productions

After Casino Royale had rebooted the Bond franchise in spectacular fashion, becoming the highest-grossing entry in the series to date as well as one of its most critically-acclaimed entries, the bar was set incredibly high for the follow-up. Even without the reported behind-the-scenes issues, Quantum of Solace would still have struggled to meet expectations.

The 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike severely impacted the production, as co-writer Paul Haggis claimed to have finished his draft just hours before the strike began. This led to star Daniel Craig and director Marc Forster having to handle on-set rewrites despite their lack of experience, and even after the strike ended a writer was brought on board to restructure scenes and dialogue on an almost-daily basis.

The lack of a finished script showed in the final product, with the end result being choppily-edited and the shortest Bond movie yet. A weak villain, environmentalism-tinged plot and sub-par action scenes also contributed to Quantum of Solace being regarded as a major disappointment, with Forster's inability to keep the massive production under control marking him as a poor choice to handle a $200m blockbuster.


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