10 Movies That Shockingly Destroyed Justice League At The Box Office

Who could've seen this coming?

Justice League Deadpool
Fox & Warner Bros.

Having nearly been in cinemas for two months now, Justice League is wrapping up its box office run imminently, with its final worldwide total not likely to push much past the $655 million mark.

It's a shockingly low figure for not only one of the year's most-hyped films, but the DC Extended Universe's apparent answer to The Avengers, an epic team-up movie that should've had kids and adults alike chomping at the bit.

Instead, due to the negative reception to Batman v Superman, a troubled and much-discussed post-production period and lukewarm reviews, Justice League has only barely managed to out-gross Thor: The Dark World of all movies, arguably the most forgettable of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films to date.

Perusing box office records, it's shocking to see just how many unexpected movies made more money than Justice League, from lesser-known and risky superhero projects to dramas, classic horror films and even a certain ambitious sci-fi offering.

Clearly some heads at Warner Bros. need to roll for this one, because there's no way a movie featuring these illustrious characters should be pulling south of $800 million at the very least...


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