10 Movies That Start At The End

Where to begin? The beginning? No that’s too obvious.

If somebody asked you to detail an average day in your life, it would be somewhat unusual for you to start from the moment you crept into bed at night and then explain how you got there. That's because it is. The traditional structure for a story to follow is in chronological order; to start at the beginning and finish at the end. That€™s difficult to dispute. Ever since storytelling began, through folk tales and mythology, this has been the natural course to take as it parallels the chronology of real life. This method takes the form of a journey, and just as events do in reality, they unfold until a conclusion is reached (or not). In Christopher Booker€™s 'The Seven Basic Plots', which analyses everything from 'The Iliad' to 'Star Wars' and beyond, each of these seven plots initially follow these rules. Rules of course, were meant to be broken. History has always produced the avant-garde, but in recent years there has been a growing admiration of those who are willing to break through these restraints of conformity. With the rise in popularity of psychological blockbusters such as 'Inception', the audience, it would seem, increasingly want more from their movies (and plots) in general. These films are examples of how juggling the chronology of a story can create something truly special.

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