10 Movies That Started Life As Sequels

8. Ei8ht Became Solace

If there€™s one movie in the entire universe that doesn€™t lend itself to a follow-up, it would be David Fincher€™s Seven. Ending with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman finding a nasty surprise in a cardboard box, it certainly didn€™t seem to be setting up future adventures. Since it was a massive success obviously the studio had to try to come up with something; so they optioned an original script about a psychic doctor hunting down a serial killer and reconfigured it to be a Seven sequel. The working title was Ei8ht and it would have seen Morgan Freeman€™s Somerset become €“ somehow €“ psychic and chasing a new killer. Brad Pitt€™s Mills wouldn€™t have featured, with the explanation being that his character ended up in a mental hospital. The movie never got made as the inherent stupidity of the concept put everyone off, with Fincher being quoted as saying €œI would be less interested in that than I would in having cigarettes put out in my eyes.€ The original script eventually became Solace, with Anthony Hopkins playing the psychic doctor and Colin Farrell as the killer; if you haven€™t heard of it, there€™s a good reason.

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