10 Movies That Suffered Undeserved Fan Backlash

Wait, they did WHAT to Kelly Marie Tran's Wookiepedia page?

Warner Bros.

Fan backlash is a furious beast, not to be taken lightly. In this day and age, word of mouth reigns supreme, with films like After Earth bombing at the box office from the Twitter effect alone (didn't help that the film was mind numbingly awful). These days, when fans get angry, everyone hears about it, whether you are at all interested in what they're screeching about or not. Sometimes this is justified, but mostly it really, really isn't.

Whether due to genuinely horrible actions committed by angry fans who have forgotten that a movie cannot actually hurt them, or it's because they just won't shut up about it, even decades later, these movies had the gall - the utter audacity - to do something different than what fans wanted.

They were then rewarded with screaming, threats, and approximately 1.7 zillion 3 hour long YouTube videos starring animated avatars with their arms crossed that show up in your recommendations page, despite you giving YouTube no reason to think you would want this.

If you think a movie is bad, by all means share your thoughts. But these films did not receive calm, rational dialogue about their individual merits and problematic elements. When's the last time that happened on the internet?


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