10 Movies That Tragically Wasted Their Genius Premise

Great idea, but a shame about the execution.

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Sometimes, the best movie can come from the simplest idea. Toys coming to life, a shark attacking a bay, or a day in the life of shop clerks aren't exactly mind-boggling or hugely original, but when executed well, they make for a films that are magical, thrilling, or just plain hilarious.

Then there are those films that have a ridiculous idea that really shouldn't work but which somehow works perfectly. Which is usually the case with pretty much everything Phil Lord and Chris Miller have done. 

Inevitably, when a film has a high-concept or really interesting premise it can represent a massive risk, but promises a huge reward. Bold dice throws like Inception and Looper can result in some of the best movies of the decade so far. 

However, not every movie can be an Inception and some incredibly intriguing concepts have been wasted in the execution.

Whether it's thanks to studio interference, poor acting and directing choices, or just a messy script, Hollywood has the potential to take what sounds like a fantastic idea and turn it into something completely different, and often something terrible. 


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