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There was a sense of bewilderment and everlasting innocence when we ran to the front row of a cinema believing that the closer to the screen meant we were the coolest kids in the theater. But 15 or 20 years later I find myself preferring not to have regular neck cramps as bright colors and loud characters flash on screen inches before me. Now my inner-child rushes for the top row of stadium-seating. Yet, in those years something has changed: I now pay for the movies I watch. I am more critical of what my senses are subjugated to. And I get so busy that I must spend my time wisely watching movies that I won’t regret two hours later.

Things change as we mature, both for the good and for the bad. But I have to say nostalgia blurs that line of good and bad to a point of remorse. We all have popped in forgotten DVD’s, VHS tapes, or landed on a classic film on TV from our childhood with greater expectations than Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. We haven’t seen this movie in years. We remember the lines, when to laugh, and all the choreography of every fight scene. This movie or that movie defined our childhood, granted us hours of endless, senseless entertainment without a care to what someone would think if they walked in on us watching with a dumbfounded expression. No matter how really cheesy, immature, or over-the-top a film was, we loved it.

Now, as I said, things have changed. And following is a list of ten movies you brag about, finally find it, watch it for the first time since puberty and realize “wow, this movie was horrible”.

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This article was first posted on August 18, 2013