10 Movies That Won't Be Outshined By Their Inevitable Reboots


Saying that a movie is going to get rebooted is about as much of a sure thing as saying the sun will rise tomorrow. Unless the world explodes tomorrow the sun will rise and reboots will be made. The brain-trust of Hollywood seems to be short on original ideas lately so often they try to remake something that was already successful in a shameless attempt to get dump trucks full of $100 bills to be dumped on their front lawn. Sometimes it is a success and the trucks arrive and other times it is a miserable failure.

The biggest mistake that is made when making a reboot is when the filmmakers convince themselves that it will be better than the original by doing the same exact thing. Quite often if a reboot is basically just a remake without its own identity it will fail. Other times when a reboot is given its own identity such as Batman Begins, Star Trek, True Grit, Casino Royale it can be a great thing.

Regardless of how good a movie is already and regardless of how sure the fan base is that it doesn't need to be touched, if someone sees dollar signs, it will be remade. Let's take a look at 10 movies that regardless of how many times someone tries to reboot them will never be as good as the original.


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