10 Movies They Keep Saying Will Be Made (That Never Will)

Don't believe everything you hear in Hollywood...

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One of the most famous quotes about Hollywood is that “nobody knows anything.” The box office of 2017 has given us proof of that, as movies that were a sure thing became instant bombs (Baywatch), films adapted from hit graphic novels tanked (Valerian, Ghost In The Shell), and Oscar-bait that should have been critically acclaimed became universally reviled (mother!).

If nobody knows anything in Hollywood than surely the films that your favourite writers, directors, and actors have been promising you for years could all be a lie.

If you hear rumours linking X famous actor to Y famous movie property, or one director gives an interview every few years outlining the progress on a long-awaited novel adaptation, you should probably learn from past movies that never were and lower your hopes.

In Hollywood, nothing is made until cameras start rolling. No matter how many times a movie is described as written or funded or greenlit or moving forward, it never really is. And for some films – despite the passion behind the scenes or the fanbases that demand them – the only way they’ll live on is in the rumour-mills and “what could have been” threads on message boards...

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