10 Movies We Want In Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4

10. Doctor Strange 2

Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange was a huge critical and financial success, out-grossing the likes of Ant-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor's first two movies. Yet, oddly, we've heard nothing about a sequel since the original opened just over a year ago.

Just for comparison, the original Ant-Man opened in July 2015 and its sequel was announced in October 2015, a gap of only a few months. So why hasn't Mr. Strange also received the sequel treatment?

Well, the fact that MCU head-honcho Kevin Feige has said (via io9) that there won't be any more Phase Four announcements until after Avengers 4 comes out could have something to do with it. The Doctor will surely get another flick, and when he does, there's a lot of stuff it could explore.

The first movie's post-credits scene teased a villainous Baron Mordo, setting the stage for a showdown between Strange and his former ally. The sequel could even bring back Dormammu in a larger capacity (since he was criminally underused the first time), or team Strange up with another Avenger. Spider-Man, anyone?

Whatever happens, it would be great to return to the world of Doctor Strange, further exploring the mystical side of the MCU that doesn't get touched upon in the other movies.

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