10 Movies Where The Villain And The Hero Are Close Relatives

Luke… I am your next of kin.


No matter how corny it sounds, having a good relationship with family allows people to build solid foundations in most matters regarding moral and social judgment. If you are taught well by the elders of your clan, you are likely to pass on those good guy lessons to the next generation. It all sounds fine and dandy, but the real world is a place where exceptions are as common as wildfires during the globally warmed summers. Meaning, not every family is caring and supporting. Just a fact of this cruel old world, my friends.

A large majority of families possess some degree of dysfunctionality, which sometimes is the very same reason why they’re able to work and prosper as a group. The differences that unite us... a head-spinner, no doubt. But there are those families that take the cake when it comes to the impressive extent of rivalry and discontent that they can feel towards each other.

Toxic family relationships may escalate in rage and violence until a point of no return is reached. This may provoke all sorts of consequences, such as life-long separations or even culminate with regrettable accidents and disasters.

Cinema’s protagonists also have to deal with the bitter realities of familiar disappointment from time to time, so don’t feel like you’re alone if you’ve ever dealt with a similar situation. Here are 7 movies where the hero and the villain are closely related.

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