10 Movies With Ridiculously Subtle Foreshadowing That Nobody Noticed

1. A Throw Away Quip Tells You Who Stole The Truck - The Usual Suspects

Gramercy Pictures/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

The plot of The Usual Suspects is kicked into motion by a truck full of gun parts being hijacked outside of Queens. Between the usual suspects (aha) being brought in (meaning the cops have no idea) and the plot moving so briskly ahead the identity of the hijacker becomes so unimportant that by the time the reveal of who did it rolls around (it was Todd Hockney and the truck owner was one Keyser Söze) the audience can be forgiven for not being too bothered (or even noticing it at all).

Those on the lookout for sly references (and not totally focused on the twist), however, may have been able to figure this out way back at the beginning. A gloriously cocky line from Agent Kujan early on has him proclaim he has a foolproof way to tell who€™s the guilty man in a room of felons; it€™'s whoever€™s sleeping, resting as they know they€™re caught. And when the gang are in the cell who's the only man laying down catching a short nap? Why, it's Hockney. An unbelievably intricate detail, this is another hidden gem in Christopher McQuarrie'€™s deeply layered screenplay.

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