10 Movies You Could Not Get Me To Sit Through More Than Once

We all have a set of films that we made it through once, but for one reason or another, we…

Chris Combs


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We all have a set of films that we made it through once, but for one reason or another, we cannot force ourselves to sit through again. It’s not being cynical or a poor sport; sometimes a film just doesn’t hit the mark and wow us or in the final moments something ruined the entire film in a way that is too difficult to ignore. We all have instances where the thought of drudging through a film again may cause us to be antsier than a small child.

Here I present 10 movies that I don’t exactly dislike nor have life-long grudges against, but due to a few creative choices have a magnificently low re-watchability factor. These are not exactly horrible films, there are plenty of those out there; these are films I cannot find any reason to watch again….


10. Skyfall


Daniel Craig delivered audiences a new James Bond that was gritty, raw, and fun with Casino Royale, relying on great storytelling without resorting to cheap tricks, lazy effects, or simple gimmicks. But Skyfall seem a little watered down. With a lackluster villain, dull third act, and a story that focused on the origins of the otherwise template-esque character, it left me feeling a little… empty.

Not to mention Bond is a bit of a creep in this one, exceeding the already accepted norm of Bond’s sexist forcefulness with women. One point during the film Bond is approached by a woman who admits to being a sex slave and two minutes later Bond finds her in the shower to have sex with her. That’s a little bit messed up, don’t you think?┬áBond is supposed to be cool, suave, and badass, but Skyfall did a little something weird in this one that has knocked my buzz down a few levels. I just hope next time we can get a Bond with more energy, fun, and secret agent stuff.