10 Must-See Movies Out In The UK In February

10. Flight

denzel-washington-flight-3-600x300 Flight stars Denzel Washington (Training Day); I shouldn't really have to say much more, because even a bad film featuring Washington is still usually a worthwhile watch. The good news is that Flight is a superb film, with an Oscar nominated performance by Washington as an airline pilot who manages to avert a major disaster in the sky. After taking time out to direct motion capture /animated films such as The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol and Beowulf, it€™s a welcomed return to live-action films by director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future). Washington is joined by an exuberant and very funny performance from John Goodman (The Artist) and British actress Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes). With Flight already having secured multiple Oscar nominations, this will certainly be a must watch this February.
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