10 Nastiest Video Nasties

Staunch films for staunch stomachs.

Sometimes the popularity of the Video Nasty seems to be inexplicable and to many 'serious' film fans these films represent the very nadir of cinema. For the most part, a bunch of badly made horror films - they would have languished in the realms of obscurity but for the attention of the British press. In the early days of the VCR, rental shops popped up all over the UK. Major labels were wary of this new machine, that it might diminish box office returns on major movies. So what happened was the proliferation of small video labels who imported movies largely never seen or heard about in Britain before. In order to draw attention to these cinematic delights, the companies made very sensational cover labels and the iconic image of Driller Killer - the drill going through the bum's head with rivers of blood - caught the attention of the press. The press (especially The Daily Mail) went into overdrive and all of a sudden everyone wanted to get the 'Video Nasties' as they were termed, banned. A lot of films ended up on the list because of their names or salacious video covers. Of 72 videos listed, only 39 were successfully prosecuted. Of course, everyone wants the forbidden and the Video Nasty black market scene thrived in the 1980s and 1990s This article deals with the 10 nastiest Video Nasties that were successfully prosecuted by the Department of Public Prosecution for obscenity. These are the really strong films which actually did deserve to be called Nasties. No Forest Of Fear or Terror Eyes, the films on this list are the in your face, down your throat, to the bone nastiest Nasties


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