10 Nicolas Cage Films That Know Exactly What They Are

1. Vampire's Kiss

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Cage has always described himself as a fan of classic horror, with the Hammer productions and Nosferatu repeatedly mentioned in his catalogue of inspiration. Taking on the Germanic expressionism of films such as The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Cage cites his performance as inspired by this time of cinema; a love letter to exaggeration in every over-arched eyebrow and rolling white eyeball.

This expressionistic endeavour for artistic hyperbole is stretched to its full potential in Vampire's Kiss: the loving movie home of THAT Nicolas Cage meme. And about three dozen more to boot.

Ever unafraid of coming across as a complete nutter, Vampire's Kiss is about Peter, played by our ever-loved acting hero Cage, a New York worker indulging in a life of excess - whether that be through his work, earning money, or seducing women. It's the latter that causes him a problem however, as after taking home one over-zealous partner for the evening, she bites him on the neck: convincing him he's now a vampire.

With no physical symptoms, Peter decides to don a pair of plastic fangs, do his best Dracula impression, and start stalking women in his spare time. If there's anything that's ever played into Cage's stylistic oeuvre more perfectly, we've yet to see it.

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