10 Notable Movie Instances That Happened Completely By Accident

garfield_bill_murray Generally speaking, filmmaking is all about getting things done on schedule and delivering the goods when you freakin' said you would. Yes, bringing the final product in on time and on budget is absolutely the top priority, regardless of artistic process or creative endeavor. If you're involved in the movie-making process, it's essential that everything run as smoothly as possible, because what is this, the 1970s? Though there's certainly room allocated for improvisation and spontaneous moments on a movie set, it's important to remember that, above all, the movies are a business - and a successful business runs on efficiency. Then again, you can't exactly prepare for an accident, can you? And sometimes an accident will destroy a movie in its entirety. But sometimes they won't - sometimes what, at first, appears to be an accident, spawns something else. Point is, in amongst all the schedules and checklists and sign here so you don't hold us responsible in case of your unexpected death, some complete accidents have granted cinema some of its most iconic stars, notable movie moments and (in the case of this list) one confused and hilarious mishap. So here's to accidents everywhere, may they never stop making things, um... more interesting?
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