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When our Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed article became one of the most popular articles ever on the site, it became obvious that there was a hunger out there that needed to be helped, so we’ve scoured the entire stock of films and TV shows of 2012 to put together a year-specific list of some of the most memorable nude scenes you might have missed last year.

Included in this article are instances of nudity, from both female and male stars that might have flown under your radars in the past twelve months or so. They were either in obscure films, or TV shows – or in one case an extremely odd music video – or they were the type of blink-and-you-miss-it flashes of uncovered flesh that has a certain kind of film fan scrabbling for the pause button.

Either way, they deserve to be mentioned again as the dust settles on 2012, and we start with one of the biggest films of the year that British fans have to wait another couple of weeks to see…

Honourable Mention

Kerry Washington – Django Unchained

It wasn’t a particularly nice scene, given that her character was in the middle of being “punished” – though tortured would be more appropriate – in a hot box, and for one moment we get to see the beautiful actresses breast. In no way sexy, but one for the ledger.

And why is Washington only an honourable mention? Well, frankly, because finding that image online is as difficult as finding a logical answer to what’s in the Pulp Fiction suitcase, or why Michael Madsen only seems able to act when he’s in a Tarantino flick.

So to celebrate the scene without showing it, we instead decided to just find the sexiest picture of Kerry Washington possible.

Kerry Washington

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This article was first posted on January 4, 2013