10 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed From 2012

10. Elizabeth Banks - The Details

Elizabeth Banks

You could be forgiven for not knowing The Details existed: it premiered way back in 2011 at Sundance, and didn't get a domestic release until November the next year, and only on 14 screens.

It's difficult to really work where the film went wrong, or why the studio appeared to have no confidence in it: it features Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks, with a delightful derriere shot from the latter, and it really can't have been worse than some of the bilge that makes it into cinemas around the world. But then you look at the official synopsis...

A suburban family man inadvertently opens up a Pandora's box of dysfunction, treachery, and murder while attempting to grow the perfect lawn, and run a family of raccoons off his property.

So that's an indie-sounding familial dramedy with added raccoons - way to make your film go from cool to Chevy Chase in the space of one sentence.

Still, very impressive bumwork from Banks.

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