10 Overlooked Factors That Make Ben Affleck's Batman Casting Great

Ben Affleck There are a variety of lists for and against Ben Affleck as Batman, and by now most folks have probably relaxed to the notion a bit more. While a general chunk of fandom is still going (a bit) crazy and still are missing a few points as to why this is a good thing. When taking on this assignment I wanted to look at considerations most articles all over the net were not actually talking about, or not hitting, at the core of the argument. I also didn't want to touch on great points already talked about. There's another great article here on What Culture by Shaun Munro, 10 Reasons Ben Affleck Will Be An Awesome Batman, and I recommend you definitely give it a look. This piece focuses on more of the nuances of the argument and some of the big issues that are missing from the debate, are being ignored, or not really understood. It's hard to pinpoint in on topics we haven't talked about, and overlooked, but perhaps these 10 will help a few folks on the other end of the spectrum think a bit more about the subject. Perhaps it will at least relax to the point of hitting the "let's wait and see" column, and away from the raging "OMG WTF BATFLECK IS UNAMERICAN" column. Read on for these 10 overlooked factors that make Ben Affleck a great choice to play half of the eponymous roles in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film.

10. It's A Comic Book Movie, Not Shakespeare

Ben Affleck Shakespeare In truth, I think any actor can pull off Batman, it's Bruce Wayne that requires the most work, and in truth he's pretty easy to figure out. What was just typed is not sacrilege, so don't have an aneurysm. We've all seen Batman as a dark, brooding, aloof, quick to reveal himself to the girl, self-sacrificing hero. We've seen this in strides. Bruce Wayne is in constant turmoil with his personal demons, and each film we've seen since Burton's entries have all dedicated screen time to Wayne's origins and the death of his parents. Wayne has trouble trusting anyone €“ which is part of his persona €“ yet every film we've seen he reveals his deepest secrets to the new girl in the leading role. This has forever been uncharacteristic and a frustrating state of plot portrayal to help us relate to the character and humanize the role. How about the Batman that is simply kept to himself, watches from a far, doesn't reveal himself until it's necessary; investigates, has intelligent insight on virtually everything going on. The same Batman that seemingly always has a backup plan. This is the type of Batman Affleck will be portraying. Knowing Snyder, and seeing Man of Steel and how differently he took the role. It's easy to see the direction we've always seen Batman take is not the same one that will be used in this film. Which means a straight forward Dark Knight, one that is possibly almost always in the cape and cowl.

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