10 Perfect Casting Choices To Support Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Watch out Thanos, Aunt May is comin' for ya...


It's finally happened. After months and months of speculation, Tom Holland has been announced as the new Spider-Man and will make his first appearance in the eagerly anticipated Captain America: Civil War.

Although it is a shame that Andrew Garfield's short tenure as Spider-Man has come to a swift and rather controversial end, it's still very hard to stop the fan inside getting excited at the very prospect of Spider-Man sharing the screen with the likes of Captain American and Iron Man. If there was a risk of Marvel getting stale and reaching their peak after Age Of Ultron, that's surely not the case now.

It's not just Peter Parker that Marvel are getting their hands on though. Spider-Man arguably boasts the best supporting cast in Marvel comics and as exciting as Spider-Man coming home is, it cannot be underestimated how big a win Marvel also getting his supporting cast is. No Marvel character outside of the X-Men can possibly match the scope, variety and popularity of Spider-Man's friends, enemies and love interests.

As of now, no one has been cast in a supporting role leaving endless possibilities and speculation available, and that means there's ample opportunity to suggest exactly who would be perfect to fill out Tom Holland’s Spider-Family.


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