10 Plot Holes Everyone Ignores In Pixar Movies

Pixar movies might be close to perfection, but even they make the occasional mistake.

If any production studio operating in the film industry today can be said to inspire confidence by their name alone, Pixar would be the first one to spring to mind. Aside from a couple of recent dips in quality, on the whole their cinematic output has been truly stunning, especially when compared to their competitors. Featuring an exceptionally high standard of technical wizardry and artistry as well as tightly-written plots with plenty of humour for all the family, Pixar's movies have become renowned for their excellence - Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and others have justly gone down not only as masterpieces of animation, but classic films in their own right. With two new original properties - The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out - heading your way in 2015, there's every reason to be confident that the studio is back on top form. Still, no one is perfect, and while Pixar's output is exemplary they're prone to making mistakes like the rest of the pack. Their movies might be tightly plotted but they're not all without their flaws, and the eagle-eyed viewer is likely to have spotted the occasional plot hole or two if they pay close enough attention. The following list covers ten plot holes found in Pixar movies - try not to let them spoil your viewing pleasure.

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