10 Popular Movie Casts That Hate Each Other

A movie cast is just like a family: dysfunctional and full of barely disguised loathing.

Universal Pictures

It's pretty much par for the course when promoting any long running movie franchise for cast members to talk about how close they have become across the course of making this movie, how lifelong friendships have been formed, they've all gone and got matching tattoos, and are showing up all over each other's social media. But sometimes the truth behind the scenes is a little different.

Familiarity breeds contempt as much as fondness and coming back time and again to play lovers, or best friends, or surrogate family members on screen can have the opposite effect on the feelings of the cast.

Over time mild irritation can become seething resentment and little rivalries can grow into full blown grudges. Yes, the stars will keep coming back for sequels, but it won't be because they can't wait to reunite with their on-set family. It will be purely for the money and fame.

If you want proof of this just check out these ten examples of movie franchises whose beloved characters couldn't be closer but whose cast can't stand the sight of each other.


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