10 Predictions For 2018's Most Iconic Movie Deaths

Cap's going down.

Captain America Avengers Infinity War
Instagram: Hjaved.art, Marvel Studios

There are few movie moments that stick with audiences, make them as irrationally angry or wring tears from their eyes as efficiently as a good 'ol death scene.

When executed right, a movie death can have a staggering level of visceral impact - think Logan's (Hugh Jackman) devastating curtain call last year or Erik Killmonger's (Michael B. Jordan) stunning demise in Black Panther - and become an instantly iconic moment that's talked about for years, even decades to come.

Of all the most anticipated movies due for release through the rest of the year, these are the 10 most likely to serve up a screen death that, for one reason or another, lingers in fans' minds at least throughout 2018.

From long-expected final outings for long-tenured screen icons, to sidekicks with "Dead Meat" written on their foreheads, and bada** antagonists sure to get their grisly comeuppances, these are the 10 potentially iconic movie deaths almost certain to happen this year.

Nothing's set in stone, of course, but by reading between the lines, these bets are pretty safe ones...


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