10 Previously Great Movies That Have Dated Horribly

mummy600 Cinema has been around for more than a century and in that time has evolved from a static actuality to action packed spectacles with CGI. No matter the technology, a truly great film will not fall victim to time. For all of its studio staginess, €œThe Wizard of Oz€ still provides the same amount of vivid magic and imagination as it did in 1939. A Charlie Chaplin film such as €œThe Kid€ or €œCity Lights€ still has the sweetness and humanity that transcends sound and color. In that time, however, some films have fallen victims of age. They seem antiquated or outdated by today€™s standards. All the following films fall into several of the same categories. There are the message films in which it acts like an afterschool special. Then there are the special effects or action films that does not compare to modern quality. In a sense, these also fall into the category of innovation becoming a cliché. There are also different standards of humor and action, or the way we look at humor and action that older films just seem to not fit. The following films are classic films that do not hold up or pass the test of time...

10. The Magnificent Seven

magnificent It makes sense for there to be a western remake of Akira Kurosawa€™s €œThe Seven Samurai€. The samurai genre, especially the way that Kurosawa tackled it, was inspired by the Classic Hollywood western. But €œSeven Samurai€ also invented the men on a mission trope in which one person goes out and collects a group of distinct individuals with their own personalities for a common goal. Films such as €œOcean€™s Eleven€ and €œA Bug€™s Life€ follows this motif. So, if John Sturges has the formula of one of the greatest films of all time with a genre that makes sense, then why does it not transcend time like its predecessor? Well, it falls for a lot of the standard Hollywood tropes. Unlike a John Ford, Sturges does not let the film breathe with real life characters. Each character is a caricature. Look at Kurosawa€™s original film. The film is close to three and a half hours long. The first half is devoted to character development of the €œSeven€. Sturges does not do that but replaces it with Classic Hollywood buffoonery. Everything fells overblown even with the star studded casts which has become a precedent for these types of film. But, the biggest problem is that compared to the original, €œSeven Samurai€ despite being a full 90 minutes longer does not ever feel overlong or pretentious the way €œThe Magnificent Seven€ does.
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