10 Problems With The Marvel Cinematic Universe Nobody Seems To Acknowledge

6. Nobody Seems To Care About Plot Inconsistencies

Walt Disney Pictures/Marvel Studios

Almost every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so crammed with plot holes that it very nearly makes it seem like the producers don't even know what they're trying to do. "How did Loki survive that fall off the Bifrost?" Doesn't matter, he needs to be the villain of The Avengers - we'll leave it open to interoperation. "How did Nick Fury get the Tesseract?" Who cares? We need a MacGuffin. "Why isn't S.H.I.E.L.D. trying to save the President of the United States?" Why does it matter? Iron Man needs to be a BA!

There are so many other instances like this scattered through the franchise. The people at the top of the tower don't seem to know what they're doing, or they at least don't seem to care - it's just about money... and at the cost of quality and consistency. If you don't want to trust the directors, fine: just supplement that by strategising yourself and not throwing out average popcorn flicks until the next Avengers arrives. But it's not just the plot that are suffering from this lack of oversight, as...


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