10 Problems With The Marvel Cinematic Universe Nobody Seems To Acknowledge

5. The Heroes Are Inconsistent

Marvel Studios
Walt Disney Pictures/Marvel Studios

In the first Iron Man, Tony was so smart he was able to build an arc reactor and suit in a cave... with a load of scrap objects! In Iron Man 3, he couldn't even defend his own home. Thor was able to defeat many Ice Giants and The Destroyer in the original Thor, but was getting tossed around by Hulk like a rag doll in The Avengers.

Do powers even matter anymore at this point? Iron Man's armor was once able to take tank shells and hits from Mjolnir. Come post-Avengers, it was getting wrecked by trucks and fire-breathing terrorists. Captain America was having trouble fighting regular human soldiers during World War II, but in The Avengers he was able to take on alien creatures and demi-gods like Loki. And the characters aren't the only problem, as...


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