10 Pulp Comic Book Heroes Who Deserve An Epic Movie Comeback

Can we give these forgotten pulp heroes a shot at movie greatness?

Amazingstories600300 Every summer it seems there are more and more superhero tent pole films looking to dominate the box office. Most all of them have seen big returns but audiences are still unfamiliar with the characters who inspired them in the first place. Everyone knows who Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Captain America are - and thanks to their big screen successes, lesser-known characters like Iron Man and Thor have also witnessed great popularity. But few know that a lot of these popular characters were spun out from a dark, broody, mysterious, and even fantastical genre known as "the pulps." In their heyday, they sold many copies and provided kids and adults with an escape to some of the greatest adventures they'd ever know. In the past few decades we've seen a few attempts at resurrecting these characters, though many of them have failed. Either the characters provided no real name recognition or the films themselves were plain bad. Regardless, it's an era of heroics that shouldn't go unacknowledged and, if done right, could serve as a resurgence of the pulp genre. Here are 10 pulp comic heroes who deserve an epic movie comeback...

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