10 Pulp Comic Book Heroes Who Deserve An Epic Movie Comeback

7. The Phantom Detective

Phantomdetective600300 One of Batman's greatest inspirations, the Phantom Detective - known simply as the Phantom in the pulps - was a wealthy war veteran. Richard Curtis Van Loan found his calling solving crimes and mysteries after World War I. After training in the arts of detection and forensics and becoming a master of disguise and escape, he devotes himself to working with police around the world in order to achieve justice. Since his calling card is as a detective more than a vigilante crime fighter, the Phantom is only one portion of the Batman's influence. And although Batman becomes well known for his use of gadgets and dealing with criminals violently he is also known as the world's greatest detective. But that title belonged to the Phantom six years prior to Batman's birth. Because dark themes and gruesome mysteries have become more popular in film and television, it's more than appropriate for the Phantom Detective to make his comeback solving those crimes. The character has existed mainly in reprints since his serial ended in 1953. He has never been adapted for the screen and has only ever been referenced to in other forms of pop culture. He's the perfect dark horse candidate for a great classic crime caper.

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