10 Pulp Comic Book Heroes Who Deserve An Epic Movie Comeback

5. Buck Rogers

If anyone of the pulp era has enjoyed an enormous amount of success both on and off the page, it's Buck Rogers. Making appearances in books, comics, novels, on TV and in film, "Buck Rogers" is still a name that people recognize. After spending 492 years in suspended animation World War I vet Anthony "Buck" Rogers awakens in the future to find himself in the middle of a war between multiple gangs from all over the world all locked in combat with one another. Surprisingly most all adaptations stick pretty closely to Buck's original origin. Especially to the premise of his title, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century A.D. It's high flying, old fashioned, sci-fi fun that is another example of popular fiction drawing inspiration from Burroughs' John Carter. Buck also followed another popular theme of the time, an American war hero lost in space and time who is the only one that can help a warring world find justice and peace. Currently Oddlot Entertainment, the company responsible for bringing us Frank Miller's rendition of Will Eisner's The Spirit, is slated to make the big screen adaptation with Miller at the helm. There are no solid details surrounding the project but judging by the recent success of 300: Rise of an Empire it could still become a reality.

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