10 (Realistic) Directors Who Should Direct A Star Wars Spin-Off Film

Another chance for Edgar?

Star Wars Edgar Wright

With news breaking that Disney are planning another Star Wars 'anthology' movie for 2020 it now seems clear that the mega corporation is not quite content with Star Wars merely being a franchise, but want it to be an entire genre instead.

Star Wars fans will no doubt be split down the middle upon hearing this news, just as they were after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with many hailing it for feeling like Star Wars, and many (understandably) dismissing it as a rehash of A New Hope.

Will the anthology films flop, or will they soar? Upcoming release Rogue One will probably give us a good indication, but Disney clearly isn't prepared to wait and see how well it does at the box office and amongst fans.

Like it or not there are many more Star Wars films coming quicker and faster than Han's infamous Kessel Run record, so instead of wondering whether they will be awesome or not we will take a look at the directors working in the film industry today who could realistically take up the helm, and more importantly do a good job at it.

So, as much as many of us would love to see a dark take on the galaxy far, far away by someone like David Fincher, the chances of that happening are about as likely as a Stormtrooper hitting his target on the first attempt.

Here are those 10 directors that could direct future Star Wars tales...


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