10 Reasons An All-Female Ghostbusters Is A Terrible Idea

1. It Probably Won't Happen Anyway

Even considering Feig's insistence that the movie will be happening in spite of a huge tide of negativity, a third Ghostbusters movie, in whatever form it takes, is still something most people won't believe until they're actually sat in a cinema watching it. It's taken so long to get the film off the ground that it almost seems as though it's just not meant to be, as though fate itself knows another Ghostbusters isn't part of the plan, and wants to stop it. Perhaps without any of the principal cast attached it will be much easier to get the ball rolling, but even so, it's such a controversial idea, and ensuring both the right script and cast are in place will be a Herculean feat that could easily crumble before production begins. What do you make of the planned Ghostbusters reboot? Shout it out in the comments!
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