10 Reasons An All-Female Ghostbusters Is A Terrible Idea

10. It Reeks Of Gimmicky Tokenism

The sad thing about this all-female Ghostbusters film is that its female-centric cast has been the key selling point, which can't help but make it seem like a gimmick. Why not talk up director Paul Feig or writer Kate Dippold instead? Though a female-only movie is not inherently a gimmick, of course, it just seems like a very deliberate and unnecessary attempt to tokenise the movie, to make it "Ghostbusters...but with girls", which is going to be a tough sell to anyone who grew up with the original line-up. Yes, the frequently-cited comparison to making a Sex and the City sequel with men doesn't really hold water (given that Ghostbusters has never really been about the gender of its characters), but why not make the cast a little more diverse, with a mixture of men and women? Sure, the same could be said of the original film, but if Feig and co. want to maximise their box office appeal, it's probably a smart idea not to completely cut out any and all male characters.

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