10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

8. Tangled Is Progressive Without Being All IN-YOUR-FACE About It

Rapunzel was the real first feminist Disney princess, and it seems that people attributing that to the girls of Frozen obviously either never saw Tangled or are using a skewed definition of feminism. The common definition of feminism is 'advocacy of the idea that women and men are and should be recognized as equals.' This has never been represented more perfectly than the relationship between Rapunzel and Flynn; throughout the movie the pair are shown as equals from the moment they meet, when Rapunzel physically 'manhandles' Flynn by tying him up in her hair before she uses her wits to get him to agree to accompany her on their journey. Throughout the movie the two are constantly challenging and supporting each other the way two equals would, and by the end of the movie Rapunzel is willing to sacrifice her freedom to save Flynn's life, and Flynn, in turn sacrifices his life for Rapunzel's freedom. In short, theirs is a truly equal relationship and portrayal of gender roles, without losing site of also telling a great story. Frozen is as much a series of sociopolitical statements as it is an animated fairy tale; the movie is so in-your-face about the fact that 'women don't need men(!)' that everything else is sort of an afterthought. In fact, that point is made especially clear when you realize that you could actually remove the character of Kristoff (the male lead) completely from the movie without affecting the plot at all. Anna could have just as easily found Elsa without any help from Kristoff, and once they reach the ice castle, he literally has nothing to do for the rest of the movie. He takes Anna to see the rock trolls, but again, she could have easily found them by herself, and then at the end, he only serves as a head fake to make you think he will save the day, when he is not needed, and it's the sister's love that saves Arendelle.

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