10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

6. The Villains Are Better In Tangled

Speaking of the villainous Hans, the question of "who is the antagonist of Frozen" is a mess: for most of the movie, it seems to be that guy with the toupee who did the funny chicken dance, but his villainous plot was that he wanted to increase trade relations with Arendelle. Hardly a classic sinister Disney villain. So by the end of the movie you realize the biggest jerk of the bunch of is Hans, who pulls WWE-like heel turn at the worst possible moment. Once thought to be the love of Anna's life, he is revealed to have been playing her in a scheme for the throne. It looks like they were going for a "Game of Thrones" type vibe (did we ever find out Hans' last name? Was it Lannister?) but the only difference is that GoT would have pulled it off much better. The whole thing just seemed very contrived, as if at some point during production the filmmakers realized they had no real villain and scrambled to squeeze one in. There was also the big snow monster Elsa created, who had a cool design (if suspiciously similar to a certain DC Comics character). He wasn't much of a threat though, as his name "Marshmallow," would imply. Tangled's Mother Gothel on the other hand, is a superb villain, standing up there with Cruella Devile, Scar, and Maleficent as one of the all-time great Disney Villains, highlighted by one of the great villain musical numbers, "Mother Knows Best." That song manages to be incredibly fun, while also establishing her oppressive relationship to her 'daughter' Rapunzel. Gothel can make you laugh as you're shaking your head about what an awful person she is. And between the lighthearted moments, she also has some of the darkest and most terrifying animated movie villain moments of the last decade. Like when she straight up KNIFES Flynn Ryder. How many Disney villains actually stab someone? That's hardcore.

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