10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

4. Those Annoying Rock Trolls And Olaf

Before everyone loses their mind, yes Olaf has his moments: his song about being a snowman in summer is great, and he has some other good zingers too, but even the most die hard Frozen fan would probably agree, he gets to be a bit much. You know that one friend you have that feels awkward if too much time goes by without anyone saying something, so he's constantly filling every silence with lame jokes? That's Olaf. Every moment he's on screen he's running his mouth, trying to make a joke; he's just trying too hard, and it quickly gets annoying. Much worse than Olaf are the Rock Troll characters, who are easily the single worst thing about the movie. They feel so out of place its ridiculous,screaming "we're here because the marketing department is jealous of the success of the Minions in Despicable Me." That role could have have been any kind of healer: doctor, witch doctor, witch, or they could have just been less annoying trolls - you know, trolls that look and act like trolls. Instead we got weird fluffy smurf trolls that all look alike and dance around singing terrible songs.

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