10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

3. The Music Of Tangled Is (Arguably) Better

Frozen deserves its dues, as it has the best single song in the shape of "Let It Go," which is an amazing single and sequence within the movie. The standout of the movie. But that is not the whole soundtrack. "For the First Time In Forever," and the reprise of both those songs, are also very good, but what about the rest? Can you really argue the the entire soundtrack, and particularly how the songs are used in the movie, are great? The aforementioned "Love Is An Open Door" is terrible, and as is the rock troll 'fixer-upper' mess. And then at some point Frozen forgets it's a musical. Shouldn't we have been rocked with some awesome "Let It Go" reprise with lyrics about love being the key to saving the kingdom at the end? Instead we got a reprise of that weird Nordic chanting music from the beginning of the movie. Tangled's music is less intrusive of the movie, and more consistent throughout. The movie opens with Rapunzel setting the tone, and establishing the plot of the movie in the catchy number "When Will My Life Begin." Mother Gothel's great number has already been mention, and the Ruffian's song "I've Got a Dream" is a lot more fun and less annoying than the comparable Rock Trolls' number. And the standout moment of Tangled comes from the beautifully executed "I See The Light," when our heroes finally reach the goal of their journey and Rapunzel gets to see the 'floating lights' in person. It's a solid soundtrack top to bottom.

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