10 Reasons Kong: Skull Island Might Be 2017's Most Surprising Success

It's so...colourful!

Warner Bros.

Kong: Skull Island is the second instalment in Legendary Pictures' Gozilla-Kong film series, an attempt to create a Kaiju-inspired cinematic universe. The first, of course, was Gareth Edwards' 2014 Godzilla, and though an interesting film, it had its detractors. But there is clearly something in the monster genre, and now all eyes turn to its follow-up and the revival of King Kong.

The trailer dropped recently and it's safe to say it took a lot of people off guard. Many expected a similar tone to Godzilla, grey and gritty and realistic. Instead, what they got was something bursting with colour, with a focus on humour and a fantastic array of strange and terrifying beasties.

At the moment, Kong: Skull Island looks like one of 2017's most unique offerings, and has the potential to blow audiences away with its refreshing take on the monster movie. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has even said he's uninterested in withholding Kong from audiences for the first hour of the film, determined to make a different kind of film than Godzilla.

Here, then, are ten reasons Kong: Skull Island might be 2017's most surprising success.


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