10 Reasons Snyder's Batman Will Be Superior To Nolan's

Bat-nipples confirmed.

Batman Vs Superman Christopher Nolan€™s popular Dark Knight trilogy salvaged a franchise that had become a joke to the public at large. Tim Burton€™s 1989 film Batman and its sequel, Batman Returns, hit it big with mainstream audiences. Unfortunately, Burton passed the directorial reigns off to Joel Schumacher who ran the franchise into the ground with two widely derided sequels. Nolan rehabilitated Batman€™s public image when it was at its worst, taking the character to new heights of financial and critical success by grounding the action in a realistic setting. Once again the baton has been passed to a new director, Zack Snyder. Snyder faces a seemingly impossible challenge: create a new interpretation of Batman that will live-up to Nolan€™s legacy and satisfy legions of Bat-fans spoiled by Nolan€™s superlative films. Despite what some cynical fans might say, the news and images we€™ve been teased with so far from the set of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice have been quite promising. It seems impossible, but all signs are pointing to Snyder topping Nolan with an even more entertaining version of Batman for the masses. For your consideration, we have assembled a list of reasons we believe Zack Snyder€™s Batman will be even more entertaining than Nolan€™s.

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