10 Reasons Suicide Squad Sucked More Than Batman V Superman

And you thought Doomsday sucked...

Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad is finally here... and what a disappointment it is. Critics have been giving it reviews consistent with Batman v Superman's shockingly negative notices, and while in some aspects it betters BvS, for the most part it's safe to say that it can't even live up to that film's modest level of "success".

Suicide Squad is a mess of a film and proof of the power of strong marketing: everyone hoped it would help redeem the DC Extended Universe ahead of the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League movies, and yet the end product is the worst of the three DCEU films to date.

Fans will surely be debating its merits (or lack thereof) for the foreseeable future, but it turns out that the general belief that "it can't be any worse than BvS" has been categorically proven wrong.

Here are 10 reasons Suicide Squad is worse than Batman v Superman...


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