10 Reasons Why Jaws: The Revenge Is The Worst Film Of All Time

9. The Shark Plays The Maze Game With Michael Brody

Jaws Revenge This being a film whose main logic lies on the idea of a shark hunting one particular family, where one of two remaining members is now a marine biologist, you'd think he'd just snatch the man up on his numerous trips to the seabed. Yes, there was a device on him that would have detected its heartbeat, but that thing barely worked or made sense anyway. Instead the beast lies in wait and hunts him through a maze of ship wreckage, somehow squeezing his boat-sized figure through the narrow passages that even Michael struggles through. Then, just as a final slap to the logic face, Michael swims back to the surface as the shark still works his way through the boat. Refer to the superior shark film Deep Blue Sea to understand just why that doesn't make an ounce of sense.

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