10 Reasons Why The Justice League Cartoon Is Better Than The Film

1. It Was Genuinely Enjoyable

Justice League Batman Green Lantern
Warner Bros.

More important than anything else however, is the plain and simple truth that Justice League was fun from top to bottom.

While fans will undoubtedly attest to the Whedon-esque inflections of the Justice League film, and perhaps even deem them to be an enjoyable feature in some respects, there's no denying that it lacks the kind of universal appeal these older shows did.

And that's the point! Justice League was a fantastic show all around and one that entertained as soon as that opening themed started to chime (particularly the electric number from the Unlimited days). It was smart, fun and energetic from start to finish, leaving a lasting impression that the DCEU - in its current state at least - couldn't possibly hope to reach.

It's almost too good, and while the DCEU continues to attract detractors and defenders by the second, there's no denying that its animated counterpart was a much, much better product - Conroy, Hamill and all.

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