10 Reasons Why Warner Brothers MUST Release The Snyder Cut

The REAL Justice League has yet to be released and it's time to change that.

Warner Bros.

Two years have passed since Justice League was released to the world and fans are still adamant they didn't see what they were promised. This was supposed to be DC's showcase of its star heroes, as well as a cultural event on par with 2012's The Avengers. Well, to quote Thanos, 'Reality is often disappointing.' The movie itself felt like a creative Frankenstein made up of several different visions, ultimately leading to its status as the DCU's sole financial flop. The worst part of it all is it didn't have to be this way.

Look, many moviegoers are divided on Zack Snyder, but no matter what you felt about Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman, WB had no right to completely strip the follow-up out of his grasp. After leaving due to tragic familial events, Snyder's movie and vision fell prey to the studio, leaving the theatrical mess everyone ended up seeing. Everything about the final film felt watered down and half-baked. Oh, and don't even bring up the nonsense involving Henry Cavill's mustache.

For two years, fans have been expressing their displeasure over what they were given, indicating they were misled with trailers that showed off scenes not present in the final cut. What do they want? They want the 214-minute cut that Snyder showed to Warner Bros before leaving the project. The reason why fans want it is obvious, but what about Warner Brothers? Why should they release it? Well, this author's glad you asked!


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